5 Best Exercises to Improve Your Shire Horse’s Topline

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Imagine having that gorgeous, well-muscled neck and strong back you see on fancy horses. Any horse can have a well-developed topline with good work and training. The topline is a collection of muscles along a horse’s back, neck, and hindquarters.

A strong topline indicates a well-conditioned horse, and we’ve shared the best exercises to improve your shire horse’s topline. Apart from looking good and maintaining performance, a good topline protects your horse from strain and injury.

Keep reading to discover the best exercises for your shire horse’s topline:

Exercises to Improve Horse’s Topline

OK, I know you want to build a strong topline for your horse, and just as we do, horses can suffer from back problems, but through exercise, you can relieve your horse from back problems causing pain.

Here are exercise ideas to improve your horse’s topline.

1. Uphill and Downhill Riding

Although riding on flat land is good, riding up and down a hill will do more and is more effective in strengthening your partner’s muscles. Riding downhill exercises the front legs and the chest muscles while riding uphill works your horse’s backside.

For a starting horse, you must use small slopes as you gradually move to a steeper slope or even a steep slope with loose ground.

To ensure the correct posture for your horse, you must place your weight well across the saddle. Going uphill, position yourself forward on the saddle, while downhill, you set yourself at the back saddle part.

For more effectiveness of the exercise to the muscles, ensure a slow descent downhill.

2. Stretching Exercises

When you exercise your horse through stretches, you help strengthen the neck and head of your peafowl by stabilizing spine joints.

Stretching exercises is a favorite for many horses because you use apples which you can give the horse as a treat after the training. 

To perform the exercise, you need an enclosed area, which can be the horse’s stable, to restrict the horse’s movement. You have to place the apple at a distance, enabling the horse to stretch to reach the apple. By doing this, the horse performs various stretches which strengthen its neck and head.

3. Walk and Jump over Cavalettis

You can perform this exercise under the saddle, and the horse has to walk over the beams working out the abdominal, chest, and back muscles.

Apart from training the crucial muscles, this exercise teaches your horse to stay alert while on the move. The activity makes the horse careful where it places its legs while moving.

You must make sure you plan an engaging course that suits your horse and is enjoyable to your friend while working out.

You can start with short beams as you transition to higher beams.

4. Lungeing Training

Although riding is an excellent way to build muscle, lunging can be advantageous because you can see your horse’s topline as it moves, allowing you to monitor muscle growth progress over time.

You can use a cavesson that keeps your horse’s head straight for lunging.

This lunge helps your horse stretch down, which enables the horse to stretch its long back muscle, which improves your horse’s topline. You can encourage your horse to perform the stretch by praising it when it extends down.

Accompany your lunge with loosely attached side reigns, allowing your horse to move its head side to side freely.

5. Pole Exercise

Horses benefit from raised or flat poles that encourage them to lift their back, engage their abdomens, and round their toplines.

This exercise makes the horse know where to place its feet while moving. Unless your horse has done pole work before, it may have difficulty moving correctly over the poles. Introduce one bar at a time to prevent your horse from tripping.

You can add distance between two poles after the horse becomes familiar with the exercise.

Encourage your horse to take a long step over each pole by lifting its legs. This leg lifting engages the abdomen and topline better.


1. What Can I Feed My Horse to Build Topline?

Providing your horse with the building blocks necessary to build muscle is essential to build topline. Protein from soybeans or canola meal provides your horse with good protein sources, which helps build muscle.

2. What Does a Good Topline Look Like on a Horse?

In an ideal horse topline, the muscle is well developed with a rounded athletic appearance lacking sunken-in areas that inhibit self-support. This area is a good indicator of the entire body’s amino acid balance.

The Bottomline

The topline of your horse is crucial to achieving outstanding performance by your horse, but it will take time, nutrition, and a lot of practice to build it.

Go ahead and use this exercise list as a guide to get you started in helping your horse build a firm topline.

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