Why Does My Shire Horse Keep Yawning?

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If you’ve ever been around a horse, you know they love to yawn. But why do they do it? Some people think it’s because they’re trying to cool off their brains. Others say it’s just a way to stretch their muscles.

Whatever the reason, we can all agree that it’s pretty adorable. So, why does my Shire horse keep yawning? Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons.

Is it normal for horses to yawn?

It’s a pretty remarkable sight to see a horse yawn. You may find yourself asking, “is it normal for horses to yawn?” The answer is yes! Like humans, horses yawn when they are tired or bored, but they can also do it as an expression of emotion.

Yawning at horses is quite common, and some experts believe that it’s even a sign of comfort around people. So the next time you catch your horse so inclined, take it as a sign that they’re feeling relaxed and content with their current environment.

Do horses yawn when relaxed?

Many believe that when horses yawn, they are demonstrating feelings of relaxation and contentment. While this has yet to be scientifically proven, researchers have observed horses yawning just after moments of rest.

This has led to the conclusion that horses may display signs of affection similar to humans, using yawning as a way to show other horses or their owners that they aren’t stressed out and are feeling comfortable in their surroundings.

Ultimately, it is believed that facial expressions, such as yawning and the ear position of a horse could give owners insight into their enthusiasm for work or if they need some time out. In any case, whether or not yawning is tied to relaxation doesn’t take away from the fact that horses are simply adorable when doing so!

What does it mean when a horse is constantly yawning?

Yawning is a pretty common behavior in horses, just like it is in people. But if the yawning becomes a bit excessive and happens quite frequently, then there may be something else going on. It could signify that the horse is feeling anxious or irritated and is attempting to settle his emotions using a release of tension.

However, usually, this type of response means the animal feels as though they’re getting too much sensory stimulation or even boredom. Regardless of the cause, if your horse finds themselves in conditions where they are yawning constantly it’s important to take steps to change their environment so they don’t experience these negative feelings.

Is yawning a symptom of colic in horses?

It is common knowledge that horses can get colic, yet a lesser-known symptom is yawning. While to us, yawning may be seen as a simple sign of tiredness, it can indicate serious stomach pain for our equine friends. Studies have shown that when a horse yawns too much or for lengthy amounts of time, it could be a sign of distress or digestive discomfort deep within the organs.

This issue could lead to a need for veterinary care and should not be overlooked. It is important to observe any unusual behavior in your horse and contact their vet if they are showing signs of prolonged yawning or other health concerns.

Does yawning a lot means a lack of oxygen?

Yawning often certainly raises a few eyebrows, but does it mean that they are low on oxygen? The short answer is no – for the most part. While it’s possible for yawning to be an indicator of a lack of oxygen in certain medical conditions, the average horse’s yawning doesn’t stem from a shortage of oxygen in their bodies. Yawning is believed to be an evolutionary trait that helps them stay alert by circulating oxygen-rich air throughout our airways and lungs. It was also probably an unconscious sign among horses, signaling that everyone was safe and relaxed.


Ultimately, if you find that your Shire Horse keeps yawning, check them for signs of pain in their jaw or body. If something appears to be wrong, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian and have the horse checked out. However, more than likely it is simply a sign of relaxation and contentment that your horse is trying to express.

Remember that whenever possible, providing your horse with a natural lifestyle full of nutritious foods, exercise, healthy companionship, and downtime can be the key to keeping them happy and relaxed all year long.

Yawning could be a sign of many things – from health issues to nervousness – but recognizing it as a signal of contentment could end up being one of the best rewards you can give to your beloved Shire Horse.

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