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If you’ve spent enough time around horses, you probably have realized how athletic, curious, and intelligent they are. To keep your horses mentally and physically stimulated, experts, recommend some type of stimulation – and what better way than introducing your horse to pasture toys?

Horse toys are stress relievers and keep the animal from pacing around and cribbing, a habit usually associated with boredom.

Keep reading to discover some of the best horse pasture toys to keep your four-legged friend active.

Quick Summary: Best Boredom-Bustin’ Horse Pasture Toys

# Horse Pasture Toys Best For
1 Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Tug Multiple Horses
2 SWYIVY Giant Horse Soccer Ball Older horses
3 Shire Store Ball feeder Curious horses
4 LEGEND SANDY Store Rubber Chicken Young horses
5 KONG Store Wubba toy Playful horses


Best Boredom-Bustin’ Horse Pasture Toys: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Best for Multiple Horses: Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Tug

Horsemen’s Pride values the importance of having a close relationship with your horse. This is why they manufacture horse toys that include the Jolly Tug, made up of a 14-inch Jolly Ball inside a tough washable nylon cover.

The tough exterior Cordura Nylon material allows this product to withstand even the toughest of horses.

The double handle on the Jolly Tug enables more than one horse to play with it at a go – a feature that one of the customers described their horses as playing “tug-of-war.”

The Jolly Tug is brightly colored to enable easy visibility in the field.

What better way to reduce boredom than getting your horse a Jolly Tug?

Don’t be left out!

2. Best for Older Horses: SWYIVY Giant Horse Soccer Ball

This horse toy is the simplest to use. Just take your horse to an open pasture field and slowly introduce the ball to the horse. 

Just like us, horses also want to feel comfortable. This is why this giant soccer ball toy is made up of a soft fabric that feels like a yoga ball, making it very safe for the horse.

The soccer ball also comes with an inflation kit that is easy to use (foot pump).

The horse can push the ball with its head, feet, and body, thus eliminating boredom. 

A satisfied customer described it as “one of the best things I bought for my horses.”

3. Best for Curious Horses: Shire Store Ball feeder

Are you looking for a way to feed your curious horse that is less demanding and more fun? Shire Store Ball feeder may just do the trick. 

This is a unique way to kill a horse’s boredom. Fill the ball with grains or treats, roll it out to your pasture area, and watch the magic work.

The horse will be engaged throughout the feeding process while pushing around the ball in an attempt to get the tasty treats inside.

An exciting feature is the many colors the Ball Feeder comes in. The different colors make it more exciting for the horses.

One customer said they needed another Ball Feeder to prevent the horses from “fighting over it.”

4. Best for Young Horses: LEGEND SANDY Store Rubber Chicken

When it comes to young horses and toys, one has to become more creative and think outside the box. My dog accidentally left its rubber chicken in the horse’s pasture field and to my surprise, the young foals couldn’t get enough of the rubber chicken!

Although this rubber chicken is mostly associated with dogs, it has been a boredom buster for many young horses. 

When squeezed, the rubber chicken produces a squawking sound that will keep your horse delighted and playful even during your absence.

This toy is perfect for horses that love playing fetch. 

It is made of washable latex rubber that is durable and non-toxic, making it safe for your horse.

The rubber chicken is highly addictive, and who knows, it might become your horse’s favorite companion!

5. Best for Playful Horses: KONG Store Wubba toy

Another boredom-busting inventive toy for your overly excited horse is the Kong Wubba toy. 

It is a great fetch toy for that playful hoofed friend of yours. 

Its long floppy tails are ideal for tossing and shaking inside your horse’s pasture. Whenever you feel like bonding or playing with your horse, just pack a Kong Wubba toy with you to the pasture. 

Why not challenge your horse to a tug of war? This toy not only keeps your horse occupied but also improves the bond between the two of you.

In addition to its reinforced fabric for durability, it is also improvised with squeaks for extra enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Different horses prefer different boredom-busting toys. A playful horse may prefer a giant soccer ball, while a horse that loves treats may prefer a ball feeder. 

It is advisable to rotate boredom breakers regularly to maintain interest.

Get your horse some toys and let it knock itself out!

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